8 Smart ways to invest in Earth 2

It is important, when investing in Earth 2, that you don’t go all in on one country of strategy. There is still a lot uncertain about the new earth.

Try to figure out which strategy fits you best, also try more than one strategy.

We want to inform you about a few options:

  1. Invest in residential areas, crowded areas. City with a high population can be interesting for future game players. Populaire cities are getting quite expensive but will, in our perspective, grow maybe as high as United States.
  2. Invest in resources like coal, gold and other minerals. There are a lot of tiles still available, even in Class 1. (See al 4 Classes)
    1. TIP! Try to search in Google and insert a country followed by natural resources, you will see many picture with places filled with resources. Well that nice!
  3. Invest in developed countries from the new world. There is a high possibility that gamers will go to popular places like Paris, Rome, London etc. By investing in these places you have a high chance to sell will high profit.
  4. Invest in developing countries, they are still at low prices. Developing countries with loads of natural resources could be very smart to 😉
  5. Don’t go to crazy when buying land. Try to collect small pieces o land (or use this strategy). This will make it easier for you to sell. Earth 2 is talking about the possibility to divide your tiles and sell them separately, but when this possibility is, is unsure.
  6. Invest in little islands. Class 1 islands are a good investment. The whole island is yours and can be a good investment to build on and receive taxes (see more strategies).
  7. Spread your chances, do not go all in on one country. Buy smart so you can sell smart.
  8. When the current tile value of a country is to high for purchase you can buy them on MarketPlace. Tiles will always be sold for better prices and Class 1 tiles are still available.

Use your money wisely, it is an investment. Find a strategy that suits you. True to sell not to quickly, selling will get interesting when reaching maybe 300% profit. The selling price will always be with a discount around 30%.


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