Why doens’t Earth 2 offer an automatic withdrawal system?

Important update 04-01-2021: It is now possible to withdrawal your credit to credit or debit card. Read more!

Finally we have an answer about the impossibility to automatic withdrawal your credit in Earth 2. The reason is because of the compliance rules that PayPal uses.

“Earth 2 is a big project with too much on the line to risk breaking small rules in order for people to get faster withdrawals at the moment. We have legal experts that advise us on exactly what we need to do and we will be following those guidelines as we explore faster and more automates systems. Sorry if ik takes a while at present but we’d prefer to keep Earth 2 protected (as project for everyone that’s supporting us) than to rush a payment through.”

So this will mean that, for the time being, it won’t be possible but may become possible in the near feature..

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