Use strong password!

Dear Earth 2 users,⚠️

Please remember to use a strong password on your Earth 2 account. If you think your password is weak, please update it by logging in, loading “Settings” and “Reset Password”. This will email you a link to your email address so you may change your password from there.

We have another very exciting team member to officially announce over the next 48 hours, a wonderful key addition to our Earth 2 team!

P.S and please DO NOT login to any website with your Earth 2 account details unless it’s ! For example, we announced 3 days ago that there was an app on the App Store pretending to be us which has been reported to Apple. Such fake apps / websites could try to trick you to login and catch your login details.

We are working on 2FA but have a very high work load right now so please help us to help you keep safe and be sure to login only on our official website

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