New Feature Mapbox – See tiles from a different angle

Have you tried the new feature of the Earth 2 Mapbox already? The reason Mapbox has activated this feature is to get ready for Phase 2. (What is Phase 2?)

When the mining of resources can begin this feature might become handy,.

This is how it works

(This feature works only on the desktop!)

Go t the Buy land platform. Scroll down to a desired place and scroll untill you see the tiles. Like this:


Hold down your shit button and use the arrow or . If it does not work right away select a tile first.

This is what you will see.


Okay, it is not that special. But it is a start for a better view of the tiles. What definitely would be awesome is 3D ofcourse! This feature might be available when reeaching phase 3.

Lets help each other out! use the referral code D3GOGIC4OL and receive 5% credit of the purchase amount!

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