Earth 2 Referral Code – Use while you still can!

Earth 2 gives you the possibility to use a referral code. This referral code option is definitely fun when you are buying tiles with big numbers.

We see a lot of people search for referral code Earth 2 and how to use a referral code in Earth 2? In this article we will explain to you how it works.

What is a referral code?

The referral code adds 5% of the purchased amount to your credit. If you buy tiles for 100 $E, You will receive 5$E credit.

But, the referral code option is temporarily. Use it while u still can!

How does it work?

You enter the referral code when you buy land.

  • Select your tiles
  • scroll down or click on details
  • click buy now
  • You now see the payment

You will now see the box where you can fill in the referral code. If you don’t have one use ours D3GOGIC4OL.

Click on apply and you will see that the referral code is applied.

Is the referral code not working? Sometimes when you copy a code, it automatically enters a SPACE after the code. Remove the SPACE and the referral code will work!

You will now see the 5% credit, like below.


Enjoy buying land in the new world!

Lets help each other out! use the referral code D3GOGIC4OL and receive 5% credit of the purchase amount!

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