Phase 2 (Earth 2) – What to expect?

What is Phase 2?

Recently Earth 2 made the announcement that Phase 2 will shortly begin. But what is Phase 2 actually?

Phase to is 1 of the 3 phases that Earth 2 will go through before becoming a virtual game. In this article we explain more about phase 1.

In this article we will explain what phase 2 will provide us.


What to expect?

There will be more features available in phase 2:

Possibility to mine resources

All land in Earth 2 is usable (so said Earth 2). There will be different possibilities to main your own land.

The things that you can mine depend in the ground. All ground that you own can have different resources. There will be new resources like Essence and resources that you can not use right away but in a later tiel.


We also now know that sitting on a real-life goldmine will also be a gold mine in Earth 2.

Basic raw materials will be created by every sort of land.

There is a possibility that years later someone will find an undiscovered raw material on ground that you own. Like a material that gives you the possibility to build something that doesn’t yet exist.


Essence is the basis of everything. All land will produce Essence. It reflects the place you own and knows what’s in the ground. In future updates it will be possible to reproduce it.


Somewhere in phase 2 Earth 2 is planning on including a teleportation system. There will be different kinds of teleportation options. We think it might included something like teleportation to a specific destination (house, building place) and teleportation to a standard location (like a central location of a city).

Bigger properties will have to option to register for a premium teleportation.

Subdivide land

Like we predicted in an earlier article, Earth 2 will also give the options to divide your land in smaller pieces. This might come in handy if you want to sell a piece of your land or use different strategies with a large piece of land that you own.

Tile Class improvement

On today we know that there are 5 classes of tiles. The tile class is now based in the amount of tiles, per country, that have been bought. (0 – 100.000 class 1, 100.000 – 200.000 class 2 etc).

We know that class 1, 2 and 3 will produce taxes income. The tile class will change to fit the game experience.


The game will provide the option PvP (Player vs Player). This will make it possible to interact and compete with other players. Also you can customize your land and add stuff. All option will be revealed later on when the option is possible.

This is all we know and what is given to us about phase 2. There will be a trailer available soon about the Earth 2 terrain system. UPDATE: You can watch the terrain video on our homepage.

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