Is Earth 2 a scam?

There are a lot of questions and rumors on the internet about Earth 2. We tried to find the right information to declare if the rumors are true or not.

We can imagine that a lot of people think that Earth2 is a scam, because it would be a really smart way to earn money isn’t it? But a lot of information tells us that Earth 2 can, most likely, not be a scam. Lets put some detail in our perspective.

  • The Founders of earth 2
  • A New Concept
  • The Future of Earth 2
  • Withdrawal your Credit

The Founders of Earth 2

When you look at the founders of Earth2 it already gives you a great perspective. While writing this article Earth 2 counts 13 members, 1 founder, 7 developers, 3 advisors, 1 community, 1 creator.

Each individual member has his own great accomplishments, most in gaming and development. Also if we look at their personal Social Media account we can fin a lot of information about them that matches Earth 2. They and in particular Shane Isaac post weekly updates on their Social accounts.


Earth 2 exists longer than you would thinkand is established in July 2018, this means that it already exists for more than 2,5 years! Why would a company invest millions of dollars and ages of time just for being a scam?

A New Concept

Earth 2 is a very interesting new concept that no one has done before. A virtual world where you can create anything you want. A lot of people think Earth 2 can be the new Bitcoin but the founders are saying that it has nothing to do with cryptocurrency or blockchains.

So yes, no one has done this before and there is a small change that Earth 2 can fail, but that doesn’t mean that Earth 2 is a scam. With fail we mean that there could be a chance that Earth 2 doesn’t reach it’s high potential of really becoming a game. But still you have the possibility to earn money, start right away because value per tile is going crazy!  (how do I start?)

The Future of Earth 2

Earth2 is a very large project. We know that there will be a Phase 1, Phase 2 and Phase 3. Earth 2 is now in Phase 1, that means that it is now possible to buy, bid and sell land in the virtual world. In the next Phase (Phase 2) it will be possible to gather resources from land and in Phase 3 it will be possible  to build. This is why it is very important to choose the right strategy

So now we know about the 3 Phases, but what comes after? The game Earth 2 will be a platform were a new virtual future will become non-fiction. A platform to build anything that you want. Also they are talking about the VR possibilities.


Imagine walking on Earth 2 and discover the whole world just from your coach.

Withdrawal your Credit

There are a lot of speculations that it is not possible to withdrawal your money on Earth 2 and it’s all a big scam. NONE OF THIS IS TRUE! There are a lot of people, also we, that have withdrawal credit from the game. Also you can find a lot of video’s where people actually show you how to withdrawal and filming the credit on their bank accounts.



There is still a lot that we don’t know. But the information that we collected and the founders us provided, gives us a good feeling about the future of Earth 2. Is it a scam? We highly doubt it. But there is always a chance that the dream of having a future virtual earth remains fiction.

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