How to withdrawal credit from Earth 2

Important update 01-04-2012: It is now possible to withdrawal your credit to credit or debit card!

That means that there are now 2 ways to withdrawal your Earth 2 credit:

  1. Withdrawal to card
  2. Withdrawal by email

We will now eplain how both options work.

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1. Withdrawal by card

Yes, it is finally possible to withdrawal your Earth 2 money to your Credit or Debit card. This was the most important goal of the team of Earth 2 to make possible.

We will shoy you what you need to do to use it.

  1. Make sure you have activated the 2FA (Two-factor authentication). You need this authentication each time you do a withdrawal. Also it is much safer!
  2. Earth 2 wants to know who you are. It is normal when you do a large deposit or withdrawal that a company asks for your personal details as: ID and address.
    1. This is important for future withdrawals and your transactions. Why? Your profile will show a “Verified” image. This builts more thurst to your buyers.
    2. Also it will make Earth 2 more thrustable.
  3. Add a credit or debit card to your account. Earth 2 uses a Token system. This means that your card details are fully secured. It is important that you own a credit card that can hold USD! Otherwise the payment can fail. In the near future other currencies will be availble, most lokely the € first.
    1. Your card requires a 3-D secure confirmation. This is compairable to an authentication code. All Visa and Mastercards have this possibility so no worries.
  4. Once you done the 3 steps you can withdrawal your Earth 2 E$! You start a request for your desired amount of E$. Than imput your 2FA 6 digit code and the withdrawal will be validated. At first your withdrawal request will be pending. After a while your request will be approved.

Earth 2 has tested on several accounts and did 150 withdrawals in 1 day. Even an amount of $30.000 was no problem at all.

Request Failed, why?

There is a possibility that your request is “Failed”. Here is why:

  • If your credit card can not hold USD the transaction will fail. You need to contact your bank to make sure it accepts USD.
  • Earth 2 is using one of the latest payment updates. Around 50% of USA banks is already working with this update. In the next couple of days the rest wil follow.

You can choose to leave your request on “Failed”. Only when you are sure that your bank accepts USD. If not cancell your request and try with another bank card.

Withdrawal succesful

Your request is approved and the withdrawal is succesfully finished. You will notice the payment on your bank account. Normally within minutes, maximum 1 day.

2. Withdrawal by email

Earth 2 does allow us to upgrade our credit with PayPal. But to withdrawal our credit requires  a bit more action.

If you want to know why there is no automatic withdrawal, please read our post (No automatic withdrawal Earth 2)

Keep in mind that the withdrawal will always be in $ and processed due to exchange rates if your country uses other currency.

So, it is not possible to automatic withdrawal our credit but, it is still very easy to get your money!

Because of several reasons Earth 2 can not give us the option yet to automatic withdrawal. In order to receive your credit you have to send an email to the Earth 2 team and it is really easy.

The email address is:

This is what you need to include in the email

Make sure that the email contains the following details:

  1. use the email address that is used with your Earth 2 account.
  2. Full name
  3. Current address
  4. Bank account name
  5. Bank account number, don’t forget to use the IBAN code (this will make it a lot easier for the guys at Earth 2)
  6. Phone number, don’t forget your country code (+..)
  7. The amount to withdrawal (it could be smart to leave a small amount on your account. In this way you can buy spotted land faster!)
  8. The name of the bank
  9. Bank details (address)
  10. BIC / SWIFT code (use this website if you do not know:

Make sure that the amount that you want to withdrawal is your credit and not your property value! You can only withdrawal money that you received from selling or left unharmed un your account!

Lets help each other out! use the referral code D3GOGIC4OL and receive 5% credit of the purchase amount!

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