Check the Market Value History before buying land on MarketPlace – How do you check

If you are using Earth 2 for a few days you might have experienced that the price of your property value is increased with maybe 300%, in a very short time. The reason that this happens is because people are selling their tiles for a very high price with their 2nd account!

You can have a big influance on the Market Value, but in a wrong way. They use different accounts and buy their own tiles for a price that is higher than the current Market Value.

By selling the tiles for a price, that is much higher then the current vallue of the tiles, temporary increases the current Market Value!

Earth 2 is very busy banning accounts that are using this method!

The Market Value will eventually return to the correct value price, but there is a change that you biy your tiles

This is way you may notice that the property value of your purchased tiles can gain massively in only a minute. So, it is always important, before buying on MarketPlace, to check the Market Value History.

How do I check the Market Value History?

When you are going to buy land from MarketPlace, always check the current Market value by clicking on the green button “MARKET VALUE HISTORY”. See the picture below


In Market Value History you have 2 options:

  • List (3 stripes)
  • Statistics (arrow)

Click on the statistics picture and select 3 months (otherwise you wont’see the data) and your desired country:


As you can see this looks like a normal increase of value. The price is on a constant value and not increasing in a short periode.

That means that when you find a nice property on MarketPlace, with a price that is lower than shown above, you can be sure of a smart purchase!

Lets help each other out! use the referral code D3GOGIC4OL and receive 5% credit of the purchase amount!

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