The 4 classes of land

From the beginning of Earth 2 we know about the 4 classes of land. But, Earth 2 has announced that there will be a class 5 land. The 4 classes of land are connected to te ammount of tiles that has been purchased in this countries.

The fun part about this way of investment is that the income of these taxes are automatically credited to your account.

Land Value

Class 1 land – Most tax income

Depending on your strategy it could be smart to invest in Class 1 land when you want to earn money with taxes. Class 1 is available between 0 – 100.000 sold tiles and gives you the most possible taxes. We are not 100% sure but the speculations are 0,05%.

Class 2 land – Les taxes

Class 2 tiles are between 100.000 and 300.000 tiles and will provide you a reasonable amount of tax. Speculations are 0,03%

Class 3 land – Very little

Class 3 tiles are between 300.000 and 500.000 tiles and will provide a little amount of tax. Speculations are 0,01%

Class 4 land – No tax

In the current situation of Earth 2 Class 4 tiles will not provide you any income of taxes. But, Earth 2 has announced that there will be a Class 5. Maybe this will change the tax situation.

To be continued…

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