How to earn credits in the future?

Earth 2 is in phase one. In this phase we know that there are 3 ways to earn credits with Earth 2. In the nearby future there will be 3 more categories available to earn credits and maybe even more when the game will be released.

If you want to know more about the current options to generate credits, click here.

In the next phases of the game we will get the options:

  • Resources Gathered
  • Advertisement Income
  • Digital Assets

Resources Gathered

This option will be available in phase 2. Where you can explore for resources. When users find resources on land that you own, you will automatically receive a portion of the ownership. The amount will depend on the Class of the land that you own.


Advertisement Income

When advertisements will be allowed and placed on land that you own, you will receive a portion of the revenue that has been generated from those advertisements.

The amount will depend on the amount of tiles and the Class of the land.

Tip from Earth2: Income avenues 4, 5 and 6 make it important to try and own land in key, popular areas around our physical world as they will likely have a higher chance of traffic and ultimately give a higher return to the land owner.


We know that populair places are more expensive than other countries. But they increase much more faster in value. We have seen countries like Germany and England gain $3 in just one week!

Digital Assets

When users build on land that you own you will receive a portion of the value of those digital assets. This means that when users build on land that you own, houses, games, building what so ever, you will receive a part of the value of the assets that they used to build. This will be given to you as game credits


Also Earth 2 has announced that they want to expand of trading Earth 2 land and in game credit to create more streams. This might be possible in the next stage.


We know for sure that these 3 ways to earn credit will be important if you want to invest in Earth 2. Also the land that you choose is very important. Use the right strategy and invest wisely. If you look at the 3 upcoming options to earn credit, we know that it will be very successful on land that is also popular in the real world. Users will build on places that are familiar like London, Paris, Miami, Monaco. The prices of these tiles are more expensive than others but a really good investment.

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