The best strategy to sell land

If you want to earn money with Earth 2, buying and selling land would be a smart strategy. However in order to do this, it is also important to look at the type of land that you’re going to buy. In this article we will discus one of the best strategies to sell land.

Select your tiles wisely

The market value of Developed countries is changing fast. That’s because people are more interested in cities like Rome, Paris, London etc. So it will be smart to invest in these cities. Even though buildings will be wiped out on Earth 2, players will still go to populair places.

If you want to buy 100 tiles to sell with profit, it could be smart to select 10-15 tiles per payment. This will make it a lot easier to sell and here is why:

We see a lot of people selling their land on MarketPlace. But a lot of them will never sell the land, why? They offer land of more than 100 tiles.

In developed countries the price of the tiles is going sky high. This sounds nice. But that can also be a problem for people who want to sell.


If you bod 100 tiles in the early beginning for lets say $0,10 it would have cost you $10. The price of those tiles now can have a value of $4. This means that the current value of the 100 tiles is now $4000!

Still if you offer a high discount a lot of people will think that this is a lot of money to buy 100 tiles.


In short, the best strategy to sell land is to divide the land in smaller sections. It’s better to buy 10 x 10 tiles than 1 x 100 tiles. It will be much easier for you to sell land and you can have the choice to keep some land to!

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