How do I create an account and buy land in Earth 2?


Have you already claimed your first land? Then you already own a piece of virtual land in Earth 2. We are still at the first step of Earth 2. This means that it is possible to buy, sell and bid for tiles all over te virtual world. Also it is possible to buy land om MarketPlace, sometimes even at a better price than the current value of the tiles.

If you are interested in buying your first land it is important to have a strategy. There are currently 3 ways to invest and make profit. Please guide yourself through our website and explore the possibilities of Earth 2. Create a strategy that suits you and only deal with money you can spare!

Are you ready to invest? Then lets move on!

1. Create an account

First log in to Earth 2 or Sign up and create your account. Create a catchy name and photo. When your account is ready you can start to add credit to your account.

2. Add Credit

Earth 2 is using PayPal and that already gives a trusted feeling. Choose an amount that feels safe, remember that the prices are in dollar $ and the amount can deviate because of the exchange rate with your national currency. (for example: 1$ – €0,82 )

3. Now the party can begin

Based on your strategy it is now up to you to buy or bid on land. Click on the button ‘BUY LAND’ and you are now in the virtual world of Earth 2. Change the display option from Satellite to Map, this will give you a better and faster way to navigate through the world.


If you are using a computer you will be able to scroll with the scrollbutton on your mouse. If you are using your phone than zoom in and out with the buttons on the right corner of your screen.


4. Select your tiles wisely

Click on the button in the center to zoom in on the map where the tiles are displayed. You will now be able to select your desired piece of land. (Select your tiles wisely and based on a good strategy). Tiles in the dessert will not be as interesting as tiles of crouded and populair places or locations that provide raw material.

5. Claim your land

After you selected your tiles it’s time to buy them. in the right top corner you will see a legenda with the amount of tiles you selected, the price per tile and the total amount of all the tiles together.


After a last check you click on the Details button and you will automatically scroll down to buy your tiles.


6. Dont forget the referral code!

When you purchase your land it is possible to change the name of the land you own. You can always change the name afterwards by clicking on the edit link at your profile. Use the referral code D3GOGIC4OL and receive 5% credit of the purchase amount!

7. The land is yours

Congratulations! You have now bought your own land. By going to your profile you will see the land you bought. Also you can see which class your land is in by clicking on the land. Don’t remember what the classes are? Read our blog about the 4 classes..

Lets help each other out! use the referral code D3GOGIC4OL and receive 5% credit of the purchase amount!