Earth 2 Heatmap – Find the populair places on Earth 2

You must have seen the Heatmap on Earth2 already. If not, we will show you how to find it and how to use this cool feature!

The heat map shows you all the buying and selling locations all over the world. Earth2 calls it a Heatmap Toggle. Every transaction and purchase will be shown on the Heat Map.

This Heatmap can be very usefull. Instead of searching on land value and price increasing on the MarketPlace, you can check the Heatmap to find the populair places.

How to use the Heatmap Toggle?

Log in to your Earth2 account. Click on the green ‘Buy Land’ button. Now you will see three options of the mapbox view, like this:


Click on the selection Heatmap and be amazed. You will see the following:


Now you can use the Heatmap to find populair places. This is probably a much easier way than looking through the MarketPlace

Zoom in to a desired location, lets say London. You will see that London has a lot of transactions and is almost a bright as a star! Awesone, right?


Enjoy exploring on Earth2 with the Heatmap Toggle. Do you want to know how to make profit with Earth2? Check our blog to find the 3 options available now!

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