What is EPL on Earth2? How can you use it with Essence?

Recently information has leaked about the new EPL feature. But what is EPL?

EPL will be a feature for teleportation. It will allow players to swap from the West coast of America to the East coast of Africa in less then a second.

But how does it work? We do not know all the answers yet. But, there are a few things we do know. Read this article to learn more about EPL.

How can you find the EPL option?

Log in on your account and go to your Profile. Select a property and scroll down. You will see this picture:


You have 2 options to use your EPL. But, it does not work untill Phase 2 is released.

The first option is to copy your EPL link. The buttons turns orange.


The second options is to Share your EPL with the world. When you click on this button a bar will appear on your screen below. Sometimes your desktop or laptop doens’s show the bar. You can get a better view of the bar by scroll out the page (Ctrl and – ). You will see this bar below your screen.


Not all buttons are working and most of them just send you to your account to post a link to Eart2.io.

How can you use EPL?

We think that EPL will be used with teleportation. It will be available when Essence is available in Phase 2. EPL could stand for Earth2/Essence Portal Location. Read more about Phase 2.

Essence might be needed to make use of the teleportation system. Earth2 announced that Essence is the main key of everything.

There will be 2 different kind of teleportation systems available. 1 basic teleportation and 1 advanced teleportation system. We think the difference could be between direct teleportation and indirect teleportation.

The direct teleportation will bring you to the desired place (private). Indirect teleportation will bring you nearby the location (public). But, this is just a speculation.

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