Earth 2 new map features 3D and prices

While we are still waiting for phase 2, Earth 2 has added some cool new features to the Mapbox. It is now possible to see the world in 3D. Also there is a new option to search for tiles by price! These features will be the next step to phase to of the new virtual world.

In this article we will show you how it works!

Prices on Earth 2

Log in to your account and go to ‘buy land’. You will now see 2 more map options ‘Prices’ and ‘3D’.

With the new feature ‘Prices’ it is possible to categorize your tiles by value. If you want to search for cheap tiles below 1 E$, just select the price in the adjustable slider.


Obviously this will make it a lot easier, maybe to easy. Because we all know the fun of searching for new cheap tiles. And at the same time, we learn a lot about Geography. Did you know we have 196 countries? How many countries shall the new virtual world have?

3D on Earth 2

Next to ‘Prices’ there is also the 3D option. The landscape will now turn into 3D. Use Ctrl+Left-click to change the angle.

It is possible to change the angle but cities are still in 2D. When you look at the landscape you will see that things like mountains are actually in 3D.

– This should be the Eiffeltower
– Alphes

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