• Earth 2 new map features 3D and prices
    While we are still waiting for phase 2, Earth 2 has added some cool new features to the Mapbox. It is now possible to see the world in 3D. Also there is a new option to search for tiles by price! These features will be the next step to phase to of the new virtual … Lees meer
  • Withdrawal your Earth 2 credit to your debit or credit card
    The newest update of Earth 2 provides users to wothdrawal their credit to debit or credit card! The update came just before April. It requires a few steps to get your first request verified. But once you followed the steps, you can withdrawal with one click. Yes, I want to know how to withdrawal by … Lees meer
  • What is EPL on Earth2? How can you use it with Essence?
    Recently information has leaked about the new EPL feature. But what is EPL? EPL will be a feature for teleportation. It will allow players to swap from the West coast of America to the East coast of Africa in less then a second. But how does it work? We do not know all the answers … Lees meer
  • Earth 2 Heatmap – Find the populair places on Earth 2
    You must have seen the Heatmap on Earth2 already. If not, we will show you how to find it and how to use this cool feature! The heat map shows you all the buying and selling locations all over the world. Earth2 calls it a Heatmap Toggle. Every transaction and purchase will be shown on … Lees meer
  • Earth 2 Referral Code – Use while you still can!
    Earth 2 gives you the possibility to use a referral code. This referral code option is definitely fun when you are buying tiles with big numbers. We see a lot of people search for referral code Earth 2 and how to use a referral code in Earth 2? In this article we will explain to … Lees meer
  • New Feature Mapbox – See tiles from a different angle
    Have you tried the new feature of the Earth 2 Mapbox already? The reason Mapbox has activated this feature is to get ready for Phase 2. (What is Phase 2?) When the mining of resources can begin this feature might become handy,. This is how it works (This feature works only on the desktop!) Go … Lees meer
  • New feature 2FA available on Earth 2
    Earth 2 announced that 2FA is available on Earth 2. What is 2FA? 2FA stands for Two-factor authentication. It increases the security of your account. When activated you will need two steps to log in to your account. We would recommend you to use the Google Authenticator. It creates an unique code every 30 seconds. … Lees meer
  • Phase 2 (Earth 2) – What to expect?
    What is Phase 2? Recently Earth 2 made the announcement that Phase 2 will shortly begin. But what is Phase 2 actually? Phase to is 1 of the 3 phases that Earth 2 will go through before becoming a virtual game. In this article we explain more about phase 1. In this article we will … Lees meer
  • The best strategy to sell land
    If you want to earn money with Earth 2, buying and selling land would be a smart strategy. However in order to do this, it is also important to look at the type of land that you’re going to buy. In this article we will discus one of the best strategies to sell land. Select … Lees meer
  • Is Earth 2 a scam?
    There are a lot of questions and rumors on the internet about Earth 2. We tried to find the right information to declare if the rumors are true or not. We can imagine that a lot of people think that Earth2 is a scam, because it would be a really smart way to earn money … Lees meer
  • How to earn credits in the future?
    Earth 2 is in phase one. In this phase we know that there are 3 ways to earn credits with Earth 2. In the nearby future there will be 3 more categories available to earn credits and maybe even more when the game will be released. If you want to know more about the current … Lees meer
  • Check the Market Value History before buying land on MarketPlace – How do you check
    If you are using Earth 2 for a few days you might have experienced that the price of your property value is increased with maybe 300%, in a very short time. The reason that this happens is because people are selling their tiles for a very high price with their 2nd account! You can have … Lees meer
  • Use strong password!
    Dear Earth 2 users, Please remember to use a strong password on your Earth 2 account. If you think your password is weak, please update it by logging in, loading “Settings” and “Reset Password”. This will email you a link to your email address so you may change your password from there. We have another … Lees meer
  • A smart way to buy your land in Earth 2 – Divide the area in pieces
    On today you still have the option to buy Class 1 tiles. But soon they will only be available on MarketPlace. We want to give you a few tips when you are planning on buying I big amount of tiles in one particular area. If you have found a great spot to cover with your … Lees meer
  • How to withdrawal credit from Earth 2
    Important update 01-04-2012: It is now possible to withdrawal your credit to credit or debit card! That means that there are now 2 ways to withdrawal your Earth 2 credit: Withdrawal to card Withdrawal by email We will now eplain how both options work. Lets help each other out! use the referral code D3GOGIC4OL and … Lees meer
  • 8 Smart ways to invest in Earth 2
    It is important, when investing in Earth 2, that you don’t go all in on one country of strategy. There is still a lot uncertain about the new earth. Try to figure out which strategy fits you best, also try more than one strategy. We want to inform you about a few options: Invest in … Lees meer
  • Look out! There’s a fake app on the apple store
    There are rumours about a new app for Earth 2. This is actually a fake app that just sends you to the website of Earth2. We know for sure that there is an app coming in the nearbye future. But it is not ready for use yet. We will keep you up to date on … Lees meer
  • Tile price equation – How do you calculate it?
    There are a lot of speculations about how the price of the current tiles is calculated. To point out, United States are currently at $38,45. The price per tile is only dependent on the total number of sold tiles in the country. This is the formula: Price = 0.1e^(x) (X is the number of sold … Lees meer